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“I help ballplayers execute in their head 1st, only after we get our minds right are we truly ready to compete physically on the field, on the mound, or in the batter’s box.”

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“If 90% of the game is mental, stop giving everything a physical remedy!”

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Head1st brings the best training techniques from mental skill coaches to you. Thorough science-based instruction we make sure you know exactly what to practice for best results. Choose one of our tailored coaching plans or our full membership giving you access to all our plans and instructional videos

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Lisa Kirby-Norrie First female coach in the Australian Baseball League

I had the privilege of working closely with AB on the Australian Emerald’s coaching staff at the WBSC world Cups in 2016 and 2018. He brought an abundance of knowledge and experience to the team. As a team we led the world in hitting and a huge part of that was AB’s involvement, particularly his mental skills coaching program.

Peter Fadde Chief Science Officer at gameSense Sports

Anthony is very forward-thinking about preparing high-level hitters in baseball and softball. Anthony is a great asset to any baseball or softball organization wanting to smartly use technologies in coaching and player development.

Alex Bryans Learning Center Coordinator, Major League Baseball

Anthony is a highly skilled professional who can work with any age group, in any aspect of the game. His dedication to player development, international experience, and ability to connect with people makes him a great coach and leader

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We want to help players recognize and BUILD a strong mental foundation.

We then PREPARE you to face and accept adversity as a natural occurrence in the game.

You learn to shift your FOCUS ON THE PROCESS of growth rather than the results or outcomes.

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